Critical Care Insurance

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Critical Care Insurance

Critical care insurance covers the risks of contracting long-term illnesses that are not usually covered by other health care plans. The critical care insurance helps in meeting the expenses incurred by the onset of illnesses that are both life-threatening and long-term. This insurance policy is an important relief when meeting these expenses and recovering from the illness. Among the illnesses covered in critical care insurance policies include;

  • Heart attacks and other heart related issues.

  • All other cancer types apart from three; skin cancer, prostate cancer at stage A as well as carcinoma.

  • Brain related illnesses such as brain tumors, strokes, Alzheimer's, and other serious illnesses.

  • Organ transplantations such as kidneys, liver, among others. You are also eligible to be covered by critical care insurance plans when you have experienced organ failure.

  • Loss of limbs can make a person eligible for critical care insurance.

  • Other issues that critical care insurance may cover are loss of sight or extensive burns. 

Critical care insurance policies are primarily designed to cater to expenses incurred as a result of an eventuality that will trigger a disability or inability.  These expenses may be modifications to a home or vehicle or for medications that are needed to combat a critical or extensive illness.

Critical care insurance can either be a lump sum amount or can cover expenses incurred.  Make sure that you speak to your insurance provider to find out what policy may work best for you.