Insect Safety With Alberta’s Insects and Bugs

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bug protectionThere are many insects you can get bitten by in the summer. While some of these insects are harmful, there are some that can cause serious allergies. This is why you should make sure you and your family stay safe.

Let’s look at some insect safety tips for Alberta residents:



Bug Proof Your Home

The first thing you should do is keep bugs out of your home. This will ensure that your kids are safe indoors. Bugs and mosquitoes can easily be kept out of your home by installing screens and sealing your doors. This way, you will get plenty of fresh air. There are cost-effective aluminum doors available easily. These doors have sliding screens as well as glass windows.

You can switch between screens and windows easily on these doors. If you are in the mood for some fresh air, you can leave the windows open. The screen will keep insects and mosquitoes out and let fresh air in. Aluminum doors also have a seal at the sides and the bottom. This keeps crawling bugs away from your home.

Invest In Portable Mosquito Netting

If you are an outdoors person, portable mosquito netting would be a worthwhile investment. You can carry these nets everywhere you go. Camping trips and outdoor activities leave you open to mosquito and bug bites. But the portable netting will keep mosquitoes, crawling bugs, spiders, and insects away from you.

Keep Your Pets Safe from Ticks and Mites

Do keep in mind that despite installing a screen, ticks and mites can still enter your home. Ticks and mites attach themselves to pets and other furry animals. If you have pets, be sure to use shampoos that remove parasites. 

Keep Your Yard and Home Clean

Areas that are not cleaned are ideal breeding grounds for pests. This is why you should keep your home and yard clean. Pick up any dry leaves and twigs as ticks tend to breed in them. If your pets happen to go in these areas, they are likely to be infested with such parasites.

If you follow these safety tips, you will be able to keep your Alberta home safe from insects and bugs.