Yard Work Safety

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yard WorkSome would say that yard work is not fun, but others might look forward to it as a source of exercise and stress relief. It does provide a great pastime for ‘Do It Yourself’ enthusiasts. But when you are working in the yard, you may encounter safety concerns, and you may need to exercise certain precautions. Let’s look at a few yard work safety tips:

Letting Children Handle Equipment

Many parents find it cute that children are able to handle yard work equipment. They actually teach their kids how to handle lawn mowers and other power tools. However, this should be avoided at all costs. Letting kids operate power tools is a recipe for disaster. Even if you are supervising them while they operate the tools and lawn mowers, they may injure themselves.  Buy them smaller and safer kids toys to mimic you while you work.

In addition, if you are using power tools, be sure to keep an eye on children. Another thing you should look into is storing the power tools. If you are stepping away for a while, you should unplug them. This will keep your kids from accidentally turning on the tool and injuring themselves.

Appropriate Clothing

Wearing loose clothing can be dangerous when operating lawn mowers and other equipment. Loose clothing can get stuck, tangled, and cause injury. 

Safety Gear Is Key

When operating machinery, you should use the proper safety gear. This includes gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, and safety shoes or boots. This equipment will keep you from getting injured. Certain jobs may even require you to wear a helmet.

Lawn Mower Safety

Most lawn mowers and riding mowers are gas powered. While filling up gas, you should make sure there are no open flames. You should also make sure there are no open flames where you are storing gas.

Working in your yard is a great exercise. You will stay fit and active if you do yard work yourself. However, it is essential to maintain a safe working environment for you and your family. These tips should help you ensure this.