Tenting Safely

Monday, August 18, 2014

TentingCamping is the ultimate family fun activity. However, there are a few tenting safety tips you should know about before you leave for a trip. This will help you make sure your camping trip is fun.

Avoid Using Fuel Burners in the Tent

People take all sorts of precautions of be safe from the cold and to avoid mosquitoes at camping trips. However, some campers avoid misquotes by staying in their tents, and then try to be efficient by cooking in their tents as well.  However, using gas burning equipment in the tent can be rather dangerous due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.

Risk of Carbon monoxide Poisoning

Grills and stoves burn fuel and when fuel is burned, it releases carbon monoxide. One is exposed to carbon monoxide in regular scenarios as well, but being exposed to it in a tent is rather dangerous. When grills and stoves are burned in the open air, carbon monoxide has enough space to escape. This way you do not come into contact with too much of it. But when you use such equipment in the tent, it accumulates inside. This can cause carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.

Risk of Fire

Even if carbon monoxide poisoning is not a factor, there is still the risk of the tent catching fire. The material tents are made from is highly flammable. This is why you should avoid using fuel burning equipment in tents.

Consider Safe Camping Sites

Make sure you know where you are, have a map, compass and can use them.  Also, make sure you have left adequate instructions to someone at home (perhaps a family member or friend) of where you will be and how long you plan to be gone for. Also, you should consider exploring emergency routes and where the closest ranger station may be. This way if there is an emergency, you will know exactly where to go. You should also make it a point to choose camping sites that you are familiar with (avoid waterways, animal crossing areas and flood plains). 

If you use these tenting safety tips, you can ensure a fun time on your camping trip.