Safe Childcare

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ChildcareIt is important to maintain a safe environment for children.  If you want to ensure the utmost safety for your children, be sure to follow these tips:

Supervision for Outdoor Activities

Children always require supervision when they are outdoors. This especially goes for camping trips, fieldtrips, and going to the playground. Regardless of the activity, children need the proper supervision and the supervisors need to have the proper expertise (for example – taking children swimming, make sure the supervisor can swim as well). Always know their whereabouts, even if the child is a little older, always make the habit of having them tell you where they will be, with whom, and for how long.

Leaving Children Home Alone

There are many parents who cannot stay home with their children all the time. This is why they leave them alone at home. The biggest question by far is that how old a child should be before he/she can be left home alone. The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. Firstly, you have to determine if the child is mature. No matter how old, immature or impulsive children should not be left alone. On the other hand, if your child is younger than the ideal age but mature, he/she can be left alone. The minimum age to leave your child home alone is 12. But it all comes down to the maturity level.  Know your children well before analyzing if they can be left home alone.

Lay Out Ground Rules

One of the most important things you can do is define ground rules. If you are leaving your children home alone or taking them on outdoor trips, brief them about the rules and expectations they will be expected to follow. Inform them of the repercussions of breaking these rules. Once children know that these rules are for their wellbeing, they will be vigilant in following them. There are several ground rules you can have in place for staying home alone and for outdoor trips. In addition, you should leave your phone number and a couple of other emergency contact numbers with them. In the event of an emergency, the children should be instructed to contact you or any of the emergency numbers if you are not available.

Looking For Daycare

Another thing to look into when ensuring their safety is the daycare you may send your children to. The daycare should have adequate adult supervision and a safe environment. There should not be areas where your children can get hurt or unsafe areas that allow children to leave the premises.  Be sure to research the daycare thoroughly before sending your children there.

Following these tips will ensure that your children are safe, whether they are at home or at the daycare.