Tow Truck Drivers

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tow truck drivers are not mentioned very often, as we usually do not think about them until we have problem.  When a problem occurs we sometimes have the opportunity to select the towing service we choose, and other times a tow truck will simply show up and try to get permission to take your car.

While most tow truck drivers want to genuinely help in a moment of need, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Having vehicle trouble can be scary, especially when you are alone. Make sure to ask for affiliations and certifications before allowing anyone to touch your vehicle.  If a tow truck driver is legitimate they should have no problem showing you this information.

In the case of an accident be very careful what you do, it is best to wait until the police are on the scene before calling a towing company, or allowing any one to move your vehicle.  It is wise to call your insurance company to ask for advice.  Make sure your insurance company has a 24/7 claims line.  The licensed insurance professionals should be able to help advise you at the scene.  If a claim is going to be processed properly, they may have specific instructions on who to call, or where to take the vehicle.

Tow truck drivers will often suggest that you take your car to a certain repair shop.  You are under no obligation to take your vehicle to the suggested location. If you are travelling and do not know where local repair shops are located, try to find out using a phone book or your smart phone. Sometimes tow truck drivers expect additional referral fees for guiding you to a repair shop.

In the past tow truck drivers have had a reputation of doing just about anything to get the job. There have been countless scams including fake calls to insurance companies and even some individuals breaking the law to tow cars.

The fact of the matter is, as in any industry usually a few crooked people taint the public’s view, when most people are simply trying to assist you in your time of need.  We need tow truck drivers in every city to help us when we have a problem, or to clean up the roads during rush hour when there is an accident and individuals are unable to move their own vehicles.

The best way to deal with a tow truck driver is to wait a few moments before calling them or if they are on the scene wait a few minutes before making any agreements.  Take that time to think about what you need, and where you are.  If you need to contact your insurance company or see what repair shops are nearby, it is best to make those calls prior to any agreements.  Try to make these calls on your own cell phone. If you are afraid you will forget what to do in an emergency situation, keep a check list in your glove compartment.