Bizarre Travel Insurance Claims

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Travel insurance claimsWhile travelling abroad or around the country, people prefer to take out travel insurance. This insurance covers the insured individual against any mishaps while travelling. This includes loss of property or any injuries suffered during travel. While on vacation people often end up in unusual situations which results in bizarre claims. Here are a few bizarre travel insurance claims:

  • One of the most loved activities during holidays is relaxing under a tree. Unfortunately for one lady traveling in Sri Lanka who was relaxing, and sitting under a tree, she was injured when a coconut fell on her head. She was rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention. She made a full recovery and got coverage from her insurance company for her medical bills.
  • A couple went on holiday with their children. On a trip to the beach, the parents decided to go for a swim and left the kids outside the water. While they were swimming, the children decided to hide some things so no one would steal them. This also included an expensive camcorder which the children buried in the sand. To add to this, the kids forgot where they buried the camcorder. This was a costly loss for the family, but the insurance company covered the cost under their travel insurance.
  • One of the many hazards while visiting exotic locations is getting burnt. People love visiting bars that boast novelty features. One such bar would light the counter as a feature to entice customers. A lady was standing a little too close to the bar while it was lit on fire. The bar did sound warning alarms but she did not hear it or did not pay attention to it. She suffered third-degree burns and had to be rushed to a hospital. She made full recovery and got compensation from the insurer.

These are some of the most bizarre travel insurance claims companies have come across and have actually paid for.