Traveler’s Checklists

Monday, July 21, 2014

travel ChecklistWhile increasingly popular with wealthy and middle class families, travel - especially international - travel can be extraordinarily stressful without a plan. The following websites offer helpful traveler's checklists:

  • Your first port of call is the Canadian government's travel checklist. Here you will learn where to find governmental country travel advice and advisories, where in the World to find Canadian embassies and consulates, whom to call in case of emergencies, which documents you need, general safe travel tips, advice for driving abroad, and so forth.

  • Air Canada has a checklist that includes information on which documents you require to fly, flight security rules, and luggage limitations and recommendations.

  • The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority allows you to compile your own travel and packing checklist from the items it provides. It also offers advice for carry-on luggage and security regulations.

  • Journeys Travel & Leisure SuperCentre,  offers a useful printable packing list that includes a separate list for carry-on luggage.

  • Webjet offers a "Before you travel checklist" that guides you from months before your departure date up to that date. You will find everything from required documentation to accommodation to car rentals.

  • Rick Steves, one of the world's most famous travel journalists, supplies, not only his packing list, but also advice on which clothing fabrics to take for effortless washing and drying.
  • The packing list on IndependentTraveler is as complete as it can be. Check those items with which you travel and print it as your own customised list.

  • If you dislike web surfing, try some mobile apps. Both the iPhone and Android versions of Packing Pro are extremely popular and allow you to make lists and share them with other users. It features a catalogue of almost 1,000 items, so you will definitely forget nothing. The multi-platform TripIt to your email accounts to compile all your travel information like confirmation numbers for flights and other bookings, times and dates of booked events, and so on. The ever-popular Evernote is available on all mobile and computer platforms for free. It facilitates list-making of absolutely any kind, and even allows you to store diaries and pictures of your holiday.

With all these travel planning lists, no one has an excuse to stay at home.  So get out there and explore!