Tips for a Cheap Vacation

Friday, July 18, 2014

cheap travel optionsMany of us have so many expenses or so much debt that vacationing sounds like an extravagant luxury. Instead of remaining at home while your friends take their families on holiday, consider the following:

  • Either plan your holiday months in advance so you can book travel tickets and accommodation early, or be extremely flexible so you can take advantage of last-minute deals when airliners off-load their unsold tickets at a discount.

  • Shop for deals on,, or Sign up to the mailing list of some airlines and hotel chains that will mail you special deals.

  • Everyone knows to shop around for bargains on travel sites, but few people know about bounce-back deals. Book your vacation online, but leave the site just before you press the submit button. Do not be surprised if you get cheaper offers for the same tickets via email soon.

  • You do not have to stay in a hotel. Check out and swap homes with another family in a nice location. Alternatively, visit and find a house to rent if you do not want another family to stay in your house. Another option is, where you can offer to house-sit for another family in exchange for free lodging.

  • A vacation does not have to involve plane tickets or hotel accommodation.  You can always take the family to nearby places in Western Canada such as Canmore, Banff, or Lake Louise by car. If you are looking to do this economically, buy chilled or frozen foods at the grocery store and keep it in a cooler while you drive. You can always camp out in one of the many campgrounds around the national and provincial parks.

  • Travel during the off-season. This may not suit families with school-going children, but childless couples and couples with toddlers can find good deals.

  • Book package deals, instead of paying for the individual elements separately. Try, for example, some rail tours through the Rockies. Moreover, group travel is often cheaper than individual or family travel. 

A holiday does not have to break the bank, but if you want an extravagant one, plan ahead and save for it.