Tips for Traveling With Kids in the Car This Summer

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

travelling with kids

Road tripping with your kids is a realtively inexpensive way to explore and experience domestic adventure. But, don't forget to take the following into account before buckling up:


Make sure you have enough water for the ride. Juices and other sugary drinks can cause energy spikes and dips that translate into serious mood swings when kids don't have a physical outlet for those sugar highs. Save money by bringing your own pre-filled reusable bottles or puchasing a full flat of water ahead of time to keep in a cooler.  


Even the most well-behaved children can turn into perfect little "arewethereyet" monsters when confined to the backseat on long trips, so make sure that your portable DVD players and tablets are fully charged and loaded with movies and apps prior to taking off. If your vehicle doesn't have a separate sound system for the back seat, you may want to invest in one set of headphones for each child.  While children, especially younger ones, love to watch the same movies over and over, most adults can only listen to Elsa belt out "Let it Go" so many times before permanently parting company with their sanity.

Plan for Fun

Do a little recon on your route, and plan for some fun along the way.  It's just as easy to stretch your legs at a local farmer's market or street fair as it is a road-side stop. Why not really up your game and plan a "Big Canada" trip?  The object is to visit and photograph every 'World's largest' roadside attraction between home and your destination.  Don't forget the world's largest pysanka in Vegreville!  Click here for some of Canada's biggest and best


It's always best to dress your kids in layers for road trips, especially for vehicles that don't have front and rear temperature control zones. With the sun baking you through the windshield, you may be tempted to set the air conditioning on stun resulting in frigid temperatures in the backseat.  Pack neck pillows and throw blankets for optimum backseat comfort.  Keep a spare change of clothes accessible, and make sure little ones have socks for restaurant play places along the way.  

Do you have any other road trip tricks to keep kids grinning rather than groaning?

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