Best Websites for Summer Recipes

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Health foodMost people want to eat more nutritious, less fattening, or simply cooler lighter meals during the summer. The internet is teeming with sites dedicated to accomplishing this.  Read on for some of our favourites:

  •, by All Recipes Magazine, is one of the largest recipe sites on the web with recipes in hundreds of categories. Users can rate the recipes and thereby help you sort out the best ones. Summer categories include cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, salads, appetizers, desserts, and many more. You can also pick food by main ingredient.

  • Mayo Clinic's Healthy Recipes site at will ensure that your summer is free of unnecessary fat and cholesterol. It provides food and drink recipes in many categories and you can even browse by main ingredient or cooking method. The no-cook group features some amazing summer ideas. It can also help if you need a special diet, such as low-sodium, healthy-carbohydrate, high-fibre, diabetes or heart-healthy.

  • Cooking Light is a magazine, so you may need to subscribe to access all its content. It is equivalent to dozens of recipe books, however, and is thus worth the price. The easiest is to consult its 20 Quick and Easy Summer Recipes at, but it has tons of other great ideas for grilling, detoxing, cooking cost-effectively, and much more.
  • is a lovely site with plenty of Weightwatchers nutritional information for each recipe and a pantry for the most common ingredients. You can save your favourites to ZipList, from where you can compile shopping lists and meal plans.

  • For vegetarians, the best site is Like all long-time vegetarians, Michael Natkin has experimented with numerous ways to make meat-free food natural, nutritious and tasty. It also includes recipes for those on gluten-free and vegan diets. The cooking instructions are detailed and thus perfect for inexperienced chefs.

  • The Cooking Channel's summer recipe collection contains everything from salads, drinks, burgers, veggie burgers, Skewers and meats. 

  • Martha Stewart has plenty of recipes for your summer grills. The site also features instructions for good grilling practice.

  • Try for summer foods with plenty of in-season fruits and vegetables. The editors are local, so they know where we shop and what we like.

  • Spark People is a website that helps its members lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Its collection of summer recipes are tasty, non-fattening, includes lots of nutritional information. No fears, it does not omit some of our favourites like pasta salads, peach crumbles and burgers; it simply makes them healthier.

  • has a good grilling guide that includes not only recipes, but also grilling tips. If you want to know how to grill vegetables, make healthy condiments and marinades, mix cocktails and grill desserts, this site is for you.