DIY Home Renovations

Friday, August 24, 2012

Many people think they are sufficiently skilled to renovate their homes, known as DIY (the do it yourself revolution).  There is also a strong sense of accomplishment that comes with the knowledge that you have achieved true ownership of your home through the work you've done on it.  There are, however, circumstances where it is better to hire professionals to do the renovations.  After all, they are qualified and experienced.

Here are some things to consider before deciding to do it yourself:

  • Major jobs like flooring and roofing are better left to professionals; as is potentially dangerous electrical work.

  • DIY is cheaper than hiring a professional. It excludes labor costs.  You have to buy only the tools and materials you need.

  • Professionals have all the skills you need, while you may have only some or even none of them.  DIY enthusiasts can make expensive mistakes, such as ruining walls and ceilings that require some rebuilding. I f you are not completely convinced about your own skills, and your budget is limited, leave it to a professional.

  • A contractor's work is guaranteed.  If something goes wrong, they are responsible for fixing it until it’s the condition you require and often the work is guaranteed for years.

  • Professionals have all the tools necessary to complete the job.  If you have to buy the appropriate tools, or you have to rent the tools, you may not save as much as you had hoped.

  • DIY home renovations can take a lot of time.

  • Insurance companies have rules about what they are willing to insure.  Be weary in what you do and don’t do that may affect your insurance.  For example, altering a load-bearing wall may affect your insurance.

  • Professionals have safety measures in place and practice safe construction measures.  As a new DIY, these safety measures might be known, and thus, the risk of injury increases.

  • Hiring a contractor can be difficult.  Making sure that the work is being done properly might have to be outsourced to another contractor or an inspector.  Just because they can do the job, doesn’t necessarily mean they can do the job well.  Hiring a contractor will take research.

Overall, the decision whether to renovate one’s own home or to hire a professional contractor depends on the type of job, the required skills, and the budget of the project.