Pot Lights: The New Style of Home Lighting

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home Décor There are various ways to enhance the ambience of your household. One of these entails putting up and using pot lights in your home. Adding these can make a huge difference on how your home looks overall. If you plan on renovating your home soon and want to do something with the lighting, read on to discover how pot lights can make a difference. 

Why Pot Lights?

Pot lights are trendy and versatile lighting options. However, that is not the only reason why homeowners enjoy using them. They can be used indoors to shine more light on some of your valuable art pieces. On the other hand, you can always add them to your porch to provide a dramatic aura around your home. Aside from these, pot lights are excellent for those who do not want to see conventional light bulbs protruding from their walls or ceilings (some of those light fixtures are just plain outdated)!

Fixtures to Consider 

There are plenty of fixtures available in the market. These are offered in various shapes and sizes. However, what you choose will depend on how far the ceiling is from the location of the light or the size of area that needs to be illuminated. So choose the fixture properly or have a professional provide you with some advice. 

Bulbs to Consider

Like fixtures, there are plenty of bulbs to choose from. Which of these you choose will depend on your needs as well as the area you intend to illuminate. The type of bulb can also depend on your purpose. For instance, to save on electricity bills, you can opt for incandescent bulbs. On the other hand, for a much warmer tone and for higher intensity, you can consider fluorescent lights as they possess a higher Kelvin value. 

With this information in mind, you can now make a suitable decision depending on your preferences. Just remember to use pot lights the right way and your house or porch will look its best.