The Top Cycling Clubs in Calgary

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

biking clubsCycling clubs give cyclists the opportunity to do their favourite sport with some likeminded people. They organise social and cycling events and help to train and motivate their members. Calgary has more than 30 clubs, so use the following list as a starting point for further exploration, rather than as a list of clubs to join.

  • Spin Sisters Mountain Biking Club is a women’s only mountain biking club to encourage women to get into cycling in a non-intimidating environment. It schedules weekly rides for its members and provides skills and bike maintenance training.

  • Crankmasters Cycling Club has members that are primarily masters age, which is 30 years old and upwards. It encourages its members to participate in anything from fast paced recreational riding to world class competition. It’s not the club to join if you are not serious and at least a bit competitive. It organises many races for its members throughout the year. 

  • Deadgoat Racing supports all forms of cycling: mountain, road, cyclocross and speed. It supports all riders at all levels. It welcomes both men and women and you are likely to find someone that cycles your style and pace.

  • Calgary BMX is a club for BMX racers. So if you love sprinting on purpose-built off-road race tracks over jumps and rollers, this is your home. It welcomes both adults and children and works hard to train its members.

  • TCR Sports Lab is primarily a training and coaching shop, but the guidance you receive is science-based and serious. It helps its members to fit their bikes and it runs teams for various cycle races. It also runs training programs in some other sports, so if you want your different sporting needs under one roof, this is where you can go. WinSport offers the same type of approach, but it's cycling section is for mountain biking.

  • Terrascape is a serious racing club. The club does a lot to support its high performance racers, but it is also keen on supporting each individual member's goals to set them on the track towards greater achievement.

  • The Calgary Bicycle Track League (CBTL) is dedicated to track racing on the amazing outdoor tracks at the Glenmore Velodrome. These races take place every Thursday night.

  • Cyclemeisters is serious about its cycling. It welcomes cyclists of all ages, abilities and disciplines, and it's junior team has been particularly successful at national and international events.

So if you’re interested in road biking, mountain biking, cyclocross or BMX these are a good starting point.