The Basics of Water Safety This Summer

Friday, June 20, 2014

swimming seasonFor most, summer means visits to the beach and hours between the sand and water. However, while activities like swimming and body surfing are fun, the risks of drowning and/or injuring yourself is quite high. Even when you are miles away from the beach, being close to water can be dangerous, especially for kids. Luckily, there are certain measures to take that can ensure your safety and that of your loved ones in and near the water. 

Here are some quick water safety tips to consider. 


  • If you are going with your whole family or a group, someone needs to be designated as a “water watcher”.  True, there will be a lifeguard somewhere around the beach, but having one of you in charge will ensure constant monitoring, especially in the case of kids. 
  • At the beach, there are certain parts of the water where people cannot swim. In this case, you need to look out for these first before stepping into the water.  
  • At home, infants and toddlers have to be kept away from the water at all times. To restrict their movements, you can use different tools, such as gates and locks. 
  • Having a phone near the pool or water is an excellent way of ensuring quick help in case an emergency occurs. There have been various cases where people have drowned just because help was too far away. 
  • For the pool in your backyard, having a safety cover is essential and fencing, especially for inquisitive toddlers who have started crawling and walking around. 
  • Because water can reflect sunlight easily, you need to make sure of using the proper sunscreen. Not only will this protect your skin from getting burned, but it will keep skin hydrated and healthy. 

Remember and follow these five tips to keep yourself and your family safe from the dangers of water.