Traffic Cameras in Calgary

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Calgary trafficThe City of Calgary has installed traffic cameras at some of the busiest intersections around the city. The aim is:

  • to give live information of traffic conditions,

  • to supply news organisations with information for their live traffic reports,

  • to supply information websites with traffic cameras to inform their visitors,

  • to allow commuters to plan their time and routes,

  • to inform travelers of roadworks,

  • to give live information of weather conditions, and

  • to film accidents for insurance and policing purposes.

At this stage the City has 72 official cameras, 20 in Southwest, 28 in Southeast, 12 in Northeast and 12 in Northwest. Visitors to the City of Calgary website can pick the cameras from a list or a map. This is by far the largest network of traffic cameras around the city. They update every few seconds, so it is as close to live as one can hope. They are portable, so the City can move them from their current locations to intersections where recent reports suggest they are needed. For example, if many recent accidents have been reported at an intersection without a camera, or if an intersection without a camera has become vulnerable to flooding, the cameras can be moved to where they are needed.

The City of Calgary is not alone in installing traffic cameras around the city. Alberta Transportation owns many highway cameras that are equally useful. These cameras are posted on many traffic websites, such as the AMA Road Reports® and They update every few minutes. There are: 

  • three cameras on Highway 201 from Deerfoot Trail South to Stony Trail East, 

  • three on Highway 201 from Stoney Trail East to Deerfoot Trail North, 

  • three on Highway 201 from Stoney Trail North to 16th Ave West, 

  • three on Highway 201 from Stoney Trail South to 16th Ave East, 

  • three on Highway 201 on Stoney Trail West (near COP), and 

  • Three on Highway 2 on Deerfoot Trail at Calf Robe & Ogden Bridges.

Other cameras:

  • Country Hills Toyota Scion operates four traffic cameras around Country Hills Boulevard.

  • South Pointe Toyota Scion operates five traffic cameras around South Pointe Toyota Tower.

  • The website Calgary Cams features a handy list of cameras of all kinds, including traffic cameras to which users can add their own cameras and suggestions.

  • You can also find traffic cameras on, some, like that owned by CBC, posted on their rooftops.

Your journeys around the city have never been easier.