Spring Activities during the Shoulder Season

Monday, June 16, 2014

spring travelThe tourist season is divided into peak, off-peak and shoulder season. Shoulder season is the part of the year when our cities are not yet drowning in tourists, but when it is nevertheless pleasant to visit. Canada's spring season has a lot to offer.

  • Spring is perfect for bird watchers. Many species of birds mass migrate to Canada during the spring where they set up nests for the breeding season. The Haida Gwaii region, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, the Pacific Rim National Park and Churchill in Manitoba are some of the most popular locations for birders.

  • Many Canadian cities have flower festivals. Vancouver's Cherry Blossom festival and the Ottawa Tulip Festival are the best known in Canada.

  • As the melting snow runs into rivers during the spring season, some adventurers choose white water rafting as their favourite spring activity. It is not only a sport; however, Canada's water ways also provide a unique opportunity to observe parts of the countryside that are difficult to reach otherwise. You can choose whether to go alone or with a tour guide, and you have a choice of difficulty levels. The Kicking Horse River trip will run you through some rapids and beautiful scenery.

  • Sailing, kayaking and canoeing are popular summer activities, but many enthusiasts venture to the ocean, rivers and lakes before then to avoid the crowds. Howe Sound off British Columbia, Churchill River, Lake Athabasca and Gulf Islands and Inside Passage are popular destinations.

  • Many fish species spawn during the spring, and anglers slowly start returning to their favourite rivers and lakes as they warm up and the ice melts. Even before that happens, the popular sport of ice fishing is available for those who do not want to wait for the ice to melt.

  • Black and grizzly bear watching is another spring activity, because this is the time when bears are most active after their winter hibernation. Two of the best locations are the Cariboo Mountains and Vancouver Island, where you can enjoy guided tours.

  • Many of the most popular ski resorts in the Western mountains remain open until late May, so those who cannot afford Lake Louise during the peak season can still have their chance.

  • It might still be a bit wet and frosty for hiking and cycling, but nature trails become gradually more accessible to recreational vehicles and horseback riders as the season progresses.

Grab your chance to take a cost-effective holiday to some of Canada's best attractions.