Which Are The Best Finance Apps?

Friday, June 13, 2014

phone appMaking a budget and sticking to it can prove to be tricky. With temptations all around, the average person has a hard time keeping cash in the wallet. If you feel like you are spending way more money than you should, it is time you download a finance app and get your monies in order. 

Here are the best finance apps that are completely safe to use. 


  1. Mint – Mint is perhaps the foremost finance apps for you. You can actually sync the app with your bank accounts and keep a tab on your spending and the remaining balance. You can even add any investment accounts you have to the app. Don’t worry; the app has been checked for safety by experts and has proven to be completely reliable.

  2. TD Bank – Most banks today have launched their own apps, but the best one is surely from the TD Bank. A comprehensive app, it lets you perform a number of functions all the time while keeping an eye on your account balance. This one has been commissioned by a bank that has to adhere to strict security standards. 

  3. Receipts – No more do you have to keep all your receipts in a file or in your wallet. Simply download the Receipts app and take a picture of each receipt. Your receipts are safe on the app and you can access them anytime you need to. 

  4. Debt Minder – This one is for people who are struggling to manage their debts. This app helps you keep track of your payments and provides other relevant information to enable you to stay on track. 

  5. Bloomberg – Keep an eye on the Canadian stock and business markets through the Bloomberg app. Stay prepared in case an economic downturn is on the horizon or if the mortgage rates are going to increase. 

These are five of the best finance apps you will find. Download them and stay on top of your finances.