Essential Elements of Personal Safety

Thursday, June 12, 2014

personal safetyIf you want to be a productive citizen and functional family person, it is essential to keep yourself safe and healthy. Personal safety involves being free of physical and psychological threats. Here is how you can achieve this:

  • If you want the best chance to remain healthy throughout the year, go for a flu injection just before the onset of winter. The flu shot contains the current common flu viruses in low doses to strengthen your immune system to deal with it the next time it tries to attack.

  • Self-defence classes are useful, but try to attend credible classes that begin with verbal self-defence before it teaches physical self-defence. You do not want to become involved in a physical fight if you can scare potential attackers off with words.

  • Physical self-defence classes that capitalise on individual students' unique strengths are vastly superior to those that teach universalised methods.

  • Take defensive driving classes. Instructors will teach you to drive safely and to compensate for the mistakes and moods of other drivers.

  • Secure your home against common hazards. Install a burglar alarm, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. 

  • Psychological safety means to be free of constant worries about being attacked, harassed, criticised, and so forth. Assertiveness and confidence training are particularly useful ways of overcoming the fear of criticism and verbal harassment. Instructors, who are usually cognitive behavioural psychologists, can teach you to have faith in yourself and your abilities and to make this clear to those around you. Preparedness for being attacked or for being in an accident normally kills the anxiety about becoming a victim. Prepare by taking precautionary measures and by equipping yourself with the skills you will need to overcome such events.

  • Another aspect of personal safety is to be insured. Insurance policies can compensate you for the expensive treatments of illness and accidents. It can also cover your home and vehicle so you do not have to replace them in event of an accident or theft. Disability insurance compensates you if you become unable to work. As a result, you can free yourself of hazards that threaten your ability to survive financially.

You are important. Protect yourself.