How to Protect Your Family and Possessions During a Hailstorm

Thursday, June 12, 2014

hail damagaYou should ideally implement most protective measures well ahead of a hailstorm, but there are actions during such a storm that will ensure that your loved ones and possessions stay as safe as possible:

  • Bring your pets and children inside and make them stay in the house for the duration of the storm. Do not go outside to watch or to carry out last-minute alterations to the outside of the house for protection. 

  • If you have shutters and storm doors, close them to prevent the hailstones from breaking the glass doors and windows. If you do not have anything outside the windows to cover them, do not go outside to install something. Rather stay indoors and close all blinds and curtains to prevent flying glass from entering your home. 

  • If you hear the hail break through the roof or windows, accept that there is little you can do to prevent damage at this late stage. Rather move your family to a room that is still closed to the outside.

  • Park all your vehicles under cover and keep all outdoor furniture on a covered patio or even inside the house. If you have time, cover expensive outside plants with plastic sheets.

  • If you cannot avoid driving on days when a hailstorm is expected, search for the nearest cover when the hail starts. Any parking lot or bridge will help.

  • During hail season, keep a blanket and even a plastic sheet in your vehicle. If you cannot find uncover parking and you are in your car when the storm hits, turn your back to the windows and cover yourself with a blanket to keep broken glass off your body. Make sure your children are covered properly. If you have time, you can try to cover the car with the plastic sheet to prevent the windows from being shattered.

Watch weather reports during July and August and do not be caught off guard. Hailstones drop from thunder clouds, so if a large thunderstorm is predicted, be aware that hail might coincide with it.