Fat-Fighting Secrets

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fat-Fighting SecretsFighting fat can be one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining physical fitness. People tend to gain weight within the shortest time, while losing it can take twice as long. As the awareness of weight related health problems has become common, so have ways of overcoming them. There are thousands of fitness clubs all over the country. 

According to statistics, about 36% of the American population falls in the ‘obese’ category. Likewise in Canada, approximately 61% of the population lives with obesity, despite having several fitness clubs. 

This proves that individuals fighting obesity lack something. Here are some fat fighting secrets you need to know about:

Secret #1: Make Goals

Most people talk about their weight problems and say they know they have to lose weight. Though this is a good thing, it’s just not enough! You have to make goals to achieve. For instance, if you weigh over 250 pounds, you should begin with aiming at losing 20 pounds within a specific period of time. Without goals people tend to lose track of their intention to lose weight.

Secret #2: Make and Follow Plans

Diet plans are a must. Without keeping a check on your calorie intake you cannot succeed is fighting fat. Fat is the form in which excess calories are stored in the human body. Accumulation of excess calories in the adipose tissue leads to accumulation of fat. Therefore, your target has to be to minimize intake of calories. This will force the body to use the stored calories, which helps induce weight loss. Just remember, calories in must equal calories out!

Secret #3: Monitor Yourself

One big mistake most overweight people make is they assume that following a calorie plan is enough. Without realizing it, they end up overeating or sneaking an extra bite (or two) of pastries and candies. This is a very common mistake most people make because they don’t monitor themselves. Learn to pull your own strings and refrain from fattening food.

Secret #4: Don’t Give Up

When you start working on your weight, there will be times when the scales might not show what you have expected. You might experience some disappointing weeks during your fight against fat. If you’ve succeeded in losing 20 pounds within the last seven days you’ll feel encouraged. However, there is a possibility that in the following days to come, despite the same efforts as before, you only lose ten pounds. This doesn’t mean that you haven’t worked. Don’t get discouraged!

This simply means you need more water intake during exercises to help melt the fat. As one loses weight, it becomes tougher to lose fat.

These fat fighting secrets may be the key that you need to help you stay trim!