The Protections that the most Extensive Pet Insurance Policies Provide

Thursday, June 5, 2014

pet insuranceIf your pet is one of the most important parts of your life, and if you have few financial limits on what you can spend on a monthly pet insurance premium, this is what you can expect of the very best pet insurance policies available:


  • There are five types of pet insurance policies in Canada: accident only, illness only, preventive/routine health care coverage, Death and cremation/burial coverage and  Specialty coverage which includes search costs if your pet goes missing, boarding expenses while you are on holiday and third-party liability. The best policy is one that includes all five types.

  • The most common limitations on coverage are the duration for which a condition is covered, and the amount for which it is covered. The best policies have the highest limits or the fewest limitations.

  • A maximum benefit policy pays up to a specified limit for each health problem, and then excludes it for the remainder of the time that the pet is on that policy. The better option is a lifetime cover policy which sets an annual limit for each condition, with the full annual amount being available in each subsequent year. In other words, if your dog suffers from cancer, a maximum benefit policy covers, say $2,000, after which it will never cover that condition again. A lifetime policy covers $2,000 every year for the rest of its life.

  • The best policies are those that do not exclude congenital or hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia, and that cover all breeds regardless of their predisposition for certain such conditions.

  • Good policies are those that do not exclude pre-existing conditions.

  • These first-rate policies provide coverage for pets with behavioural problems (with limits on the third-party liability component), so you can take you difficult but beloved pet to a behavioural psychologist too.

  • If you have found a certain type of alternative medicine or treatment to be beneficial, the best policies cover these too, within limits.

This great wish list for pet owners will cost you more than $100 per month, but for many of us that might be worth it.