Motorcycle Safety Tips

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Motorcycle sales in Canada is a continuing trend and over 80,000 units have been sold per year in the past three years.  However, this still only amounts to 2% of all of registered vehicles in Canada.  With that in mind, motorists sometimes are not as aware of a motorcycle on the roadways compared to a big truck.  Therefore, when driving a motorcycle, precautions have to be taken in order to remain safe.

Listed below are safety tips to keep you riding safe!

Drive your motorcycle as a motorist

  • Take up a full lane to avoid motorists sharing a lane with you.
  • Exercise caution on roadways with motorists – always make eye contact with motorists at intersections to ensure safety (never assume they see you).  Plan escape  routes in case a vehicle happens to take an unexpected turn.
  • Obey all traffic signs, laws and rules of the road (shoulder checks etc).
  • Pay attention to vehicles, and know where you are in relation to them (are you for instance in their blind spot?)

Ensure your motorcycle is running properly (having all parts inspected to ensure working order)

  • Maintain adequate tire pressure to ensure better control of the motorcycle.  Check your tire pressure regularly.
  • Before driving your motorcycle, preform a safety check to make sure it is in good working order.

Be seen and be protected

  • Wear clothing that you can be seen in – reflective and bright colored clothing.
  • Wear a safety approved helmet.
  • War protective  clothing (such as external shells for your knees and elbows, and heavier clothing in case of an accident (avoid shorts)).
  • Wear plastic glasses or protective eye wear to protect your eyes from debris and wind.
  • Wear footwear that protect your feet (avoid sandals or shoes with laces to avoid being caught in and around the motorcycle).

Drive defensively (drive like you are invisible)

  • Reduce distractions and avoid listening to a radio in times when concentration is needed or when you will need to hear other motorists (such as driving in a city).
  • Practice riding in traffic, and practice braking and manoeuvers in case you might need them.
  • Slow down when driving for the road conditions (inclement weather, road surface hazards – such as potholes, corners).

Taking these necessary precautions may help you in staying safe on the road.


Be safe and happy riding!