The Safest Hot Tub and Jacuzzi

Thursday, May 29, 2014

hot tubHot tubs and Jacuzzis are great places to relax with our families. If we ensure that they are safe, they can give us many years of enjoyment and bonding time. Keep the following in mind:


  • They are so small that most people treat them like baths rather than swimming pools. However, if you leave the water inside it in-between sessions, they should be safeguarded from children and pets who may accidentally fall in. If your tub is outside, you can use a high pool fence, or you can purchase one of the heavy, lockable safety cover covers made for this purpose.

  • One of the dangers is over-heating, which causes drowsiness, dizziness and even fainting. The temperature in tubs is not supposed to exceed about 40 degrees. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women, those with high or low blood pressure and those with heart disease are most sensitive to the risks of increased body temperatures. The thin skin of young children makes them especially vulnerable to over-heating. Watch these family members to ensure that they stay safe, or put them in jump seats that allow only waist-high immersion.

  • Do not leave your young children unsupervised in the tub, like you would not leave them unsupervised in a pool. When left alone, they may move to deeper parts of the tub or play games under water. They can drown in the five minutes it takes you to fetch a drink or answer the phone.
  • A few people have drowned or been injured by having their hair or other body parts sucked into the suction fitting in their tubs. Tub manufacturers have made the drains safer, but any drain requires potentially hazardous suction. Tie your children's hair back when they are in the tub, and keep them away from the drain. Refrain from using the tub if the drain cover is damaged or missing.

  • Make sure the water remains clean. Test the water Alkalinity and acidity regularly to keep the water free from harmful microorganisms. 

  • Keep electrical devices away from the tub.

  • All family members should know where to find the cut-off switch for the pump and how to turn it off in event of an emergency.

Then there is nothing left to do but enjoy your safe tub with your family and friends.