Bizarre Auto Insurance Claims

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Insurance claim formAuto insurance companies process hundreds and thousands of claims every year. Some of these claims are for collisions while others for faulty parts. However, sometimes auto insurance companies are faced with strange claims. These claims are quite complex in terms of whether or not they are covered under the policy. Some claims do end up being covered by the company after extensive research. Similarly, due to the circumstances at the time of damage, some claims end up getting denied. Here are a few unusual claims that insurance companies have faced:


  • A rather bizarre claim that an auto insurance company came across involved a mattress. The mattress evidently caused an accident on the highway. The mattress was tied to an SUV, but the owner did not tie it properly. Since the mattress was not tied up as well, it flew off the SUV and caused a collision. Apparently the mattress blinded another driver and resulted in a crash. A total of three cars were damaged in this accident.

  • Another not so typical claim was regarding a collision with a zebra. The collision took place inside a drive-thru safari park. While going through the park, the driver got distracted looking at the animals. At that very moment, a zebra made its way onto the middle of the driving path. This resulted in a minor accident with the zebra. Generally, insurance companies would not consider this situation as a typical collision claim. Such claims are generally covered under comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage involves covering loss due to falling or flying objects, theft, etc.

  • Potatoes can also cause accidents as was experienced by an insurance company. The driver of the car placed the groceries on the front seat instead of in the back or the trunk. A potato got out of the groceries bag and somehow got under the brake pedal. Of course the brake pedal jammed and the car collided as the driver was not able to apply the brakes.

Insurance companies come across such accidents and different claims often. Such claims give the company a tough time in deciding whether or not to approve a payout.