Research Shows Canadians Cannot Get Enough of Hot Beverages

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hot drink

Some people drink coffee as an early morning pick-up, others drink tea during their tea break, while still others drink hot chocolate before going to bed. One thing they all have in common is their love for hot beverages.

  • According to the Tea Association of Canada, Canadians drink around 9.7 billion cups of tea a year. If young children are excluded, it means each Canadian drinks about 83 litres of tea a year, or four cups a day. 

  • The country's tea-drinking habit is definitely trending upward. In 2006 each person drank 53 litres a year, now each drinks 83 litres, and it is projected that each person will drink around 120 litres by 2020.

  • 73 per cent of the country's tea consumption is of regular tea, but specialty teas are gaining popularity due to their advertised health benefits. 

  • Not wanting to be outdone, each Canadian consumes 3.2 cups of coffee a day. This places Canada in the top ten coffee drinking countries in the world.

  • This places coffee drinkers at 0.8 daily cups behind tea drinkers, which may be due to the widespread reluctance to drink heavily caffeinated drinks in the evening. 

  • 65 per cent of people say they drink coffee every day, which the Coffee Association of Canada claims places it behind only water in popularity. 78 per cent consume it every week.

  • Over half of all coffee drinkers drink traditional coffee, 12 per cent drink espresso-based coffee, nine per cent drink instant coffee, six per cent drink iced coffee and five per cent drink decaffeinated coffee. 

  • While Canada does not have a hot chocolate or cocoa association to keep official statistics, the country is the 15th highest chocolate consumer per capita worldwide. In 2008 each Canadian consumed only 4.2 litres of chocolate drinks a year, but this number is probably increasing due to the popularity of drive-thrus and take-away hot chocolate and cocoa.

The Canadian love affair with hot drinks may be related to its long winters, but tea, coffee and chocolate drink lovers seem to become increasingly fond of the iced versions of their favourite drinks for the summers too.