Theft Prevention for RVers

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recreational  Vehicle

It seems there are no limits to what thieves will steal. As owners secure one piece of property, criminals simply move onto the next thing. Recreational vehicles and their parts have recently become popular targets. To secure your RV, do some of the following:


  • Park it inside a locked garage when you are at home. Alternatively, cement an anchor point into the ground, use thick chains and lock it to the draw bar. You can also install a camera or trip alarm to detect when someone approaches it.

  • To secure your RV, use good locks like kingpin or tongue locks. Many cheaper padlocks can be picked with some effort.

  • If you do not want to take off those huge tires when it is parked, secure the wheels instead. You can buy boot devices that cover the wheels and prevent them from turning. If you do not want to pay for a boot device, simply run a chain through the chassis and wheel and lock it with a good lock.

  • Buy a hitch lock so it cannot be towed.

  • Install a vehicle tracking system in your RV to enable police to trace it if it is stolen. It sends the GPS location of the RV, you lock onto a website and retrieve that location, and send it to police so they can recover the vehicle.

  • You can also install a vibration alarm that is triggered whenever the RV moves. If someone tries to tow it, you can receive a text message if you are not nearby.

  • If you leave the RV unattended away from your home, take the same actions as you should ideally take to prevent a burglary at home. Install an alarm that detects tampering with the door and windows. Place a radio and lights on an automatic switch that turns them on and off at specific times to create the impressions that someone is home.

  • Replace the standard door lock with a new one. Most older RVs can be unlocked with the same keys, which is a major security hazard.

  • Use an invisible ultra violet pen to write its vehicle identification number in a few hidden places. Use the same pen to mark the appliances inside it.

  • Remove its registration documents so thieves cannot sell it easily. Further, do not leave any documents inside it that can identify you.

  • If you have a boat or other type of battery-operated RV, remove the battery or buy a special battery lock. 

An insurance policy is important, but will not return your RV to you in its current form. It does not matter whether your RV is cheap or expensive, it is valuable to your family. Spend a bit of extra money to protect it.