The Importance of Having First Aid during Risky Activities

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First AidIt is necessary to carry a first aid kit and have basic first aid knowledge of whenever you are going for an outdoor activity. Dangerous activities like rock climbing and river rafting definitely require you to be prepared for medical emergencies. Following are the advantages of having basic first aid knowledge.

The Nearest Medical Facility Is Far Off

First aid is extremely important because the nearest hospital may not be close by. If you are a thrill seeker who likes performing dangerous stunts, first aid can save your life. Of course first aid does not eliminate the need to go to a hospital, but it can stabilize the patient till he/she reaches one. For instance, if someone suffers a massive wound that won’t stop bleeding, first aid training is critical.  Excessive blood loss can occur, and basic first aid training may be able to minimize the negative impact. Administering first aid may not stop, but will at least slow down the bleeding till the individual reaches the hospital.

Emergency Response Cannot Respond Immediately

In Canada, ambulances can take a while to get to remote and rural areas.  If this may occur, knowing how to administer first aid can help the patient or critically injured person. Most risky sports and recreational activities have first aid experts standing by. Delivering proper first aid to a patient could mean the difference between life and death.

Life-Threatening Injuries Can Occur

In certain injuries and emergency situations, the patient is not in a condition to be transported to a hospital. This is where first aid comes in handy. First aid can ensure the patient is stable enough to be taken to a hospital.

If you or the people you spend time with involve themselves in risky activities, make sure you have current first aid in case an emergency arises.