Top Five Activities for a Rainy Day

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RainfallMost people prefer to remain indoors on rainy days. And while most parents cringe at the idea of entertaining kids for hours inside the house, there are many activities that mom and dad can enjoy with their kids. Rainy days can thus be good family bonding days. 

Here are some ideas:


  • Most children love building, and large or small building blocks typically make for great birthday gifts. But you can also raid your plastics cupboard for some bowls and plates, and your linen cupboard for sheets and towels. The kids will soon enough build a den with the linen, and houses and towers with the plastic.

  • Preparing decorative food can be a lot of fun, even for teenagers and adults. You can either use colourful icing, chocolate chips and sprinkles to decorate cup cakes, or you can make shapes with cookie dough before you bake it. You will have to be creative with older children and give them more challenging shapes like musical instruments and computers.

  • While your teenagers, and let's be honest you too, may prefer marathon movie watching days, a better option is to get out all those old family board games and puzzles.  It gives your family the opportunity to work together on puzzles and solutions, and makes the time fly by.

  • You do not have to stay at home, of course. If you want to day to be educational and interesting, take your family out to a science centre or an indoor aquarium or insect and reptile zoo. Science centres typically have activities for children of different ages, so you won't even have to think how to entertain your children yourself. 

  • If it is a warm rainy day, you don't even have to stay indoors. You can run and sing in the rain, or help your children build structures with mud, or build a track with trenches and puddles through which you can play and get dirty.