How to Become an Automotive Guru

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get the know howThere are several reasons why people might think it is worthwhile to become a car guru, and their aims will determine how they should go about doing this.


  • Cars inevitably come up as a topic of conversation at parties, and some people want to join in intelligently when this happens. Television shows and car magazines are great sources of information, because journalists filter out all the mundane information and highlight only the interesting topics. You can do well by reading only bits of information each day. If your friends talk about speed, you will be able to mention the fastest car in the world. If they talk about safety, you will know about the latest safety measures. 

  • Others want to learn about cars so they can identify when mechanics are trying to con them into unnecessary repairs and replacements. The easiest strategy is to explain the mechanical problem to car gurus in your family or on the internet, so you can be armed with some potential diagnoses before you take it to be repaired. Type the names of the defective parts into a search engine, and read whatever you can find. If you can ask the mechanic some intelligent questions, and you have a working knowledge of the problem, you can get through the repairs unscathed. 

  • You already know more than you think. You know filters, wipers, tires and possibly even some basics of how fuel is burned during an internal combustion process to power the engine. 

  • Some people are serious about becoming car gurus because they want to repair their own vehicles when mechanical problems strike.   To get started, collect some owner's and repair manuals and read through them. If you are still interested, examine the possibility of attending classes, either at your local high school or through an automobile manufacturer. Since engines are becoming increasingly computerized, the field is becoming complex and more suitable for those who are electronically, rather than just mechanically, inclined. 

  • If you are not quite that serious, ask some local technicians whether you can follow them around for a few days. You can also learn a lot by watching detailed YouTube videos on repairing various parts of your car.

  • Read your vehicle owner's manual from back to front. Take notes. The internet is a treasure trove of information, so research every part mentioned in the owner's manual on the web. 

Determine your aim, and then decide on a strategy to achieve it.