Car Theft Prevention Strategies

Monday, May 5, 2014

Car theft is on the riseIn Canada, there is about one vehicle break-in every three minutes and one vehicle theft every seven minutes. Car thieves target cars that are easy to steal. 

  • To stop your car from being stolen from outside your house, park it inside a locked garage. If you have a house alarm that can be extended, attach sensors to the garage door or motion sensors outside the garage door. Alternatively, park it as close to a motion sensor linked to a light and an alarm.

  • Install a car alarm with the ability to communicate with your remote control or smart phone when it goes off. It may scare off car thieves who do not like witnesses, and it becomes easier to recover if you can respond quickly.

  • If you buy a vehicle, look for an electronic Immobilizer option when purchasing it.  It disables the ignition and fuel-pump system until it receives a signal through your remote.

  • Incredibly, some people still leave their cars running while they dash into the corner shop for the newspaper. Thieves can steal a running vehicle quicker than you can buy your newspaper. Even if you leave it unattended for only a minute, turn it off, take the key out, lock it and turn on the alarm.

  • Put valuables out of plain sight. Do this before you reach your destination, not once you park there.   Those watching parked vehicles will know what is being hidden.

  • Park in well-lit areas at night. It is also safer to park between two other vehicles, rather than on the edge of a parking lot.

Protect your vehicle from being stolen.