Dinosaurs - Drumheller

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dinosaurs - Drumheller


There aren’t many places in North America to visit a dinosaur museum.  Canada happens to have a museum in Drumheller, Alberta that is home to the largest Canadian collection of dinosaur fossils called the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology.  Drumheller is also home to the World’s largest dinosaur statue!  Close to Drumheller is Dinosaur Provincial Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The park is famous for its abundance of dinosaur fossils (more than any other spot on Earth!).  More than 500 species of life have been found in this park.

Drumheller is in a unique location do to its proximity to Calgary (just 130km northeast of the city) and has unique topography.  Drumheller is located in an area referred to as the badlands.  This area is laden with grasslands, hoodoos, coulees and canyons.  

If you are passionate about learning about dinosaurs, Drumheller is one of the best places in the World to learn about them!  

So what can you do in Drumheller?

  • Visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • Visit and get your picture taken with the World’s largest dinosaur
  • Visit the hoodoos
  • Visit the Fossil World Discovery Center
  • Take a tour inside the Atlas Coal Mine Historic Site (Canada’s last wooden tipple mine)
  •  Go go-karting in the coulees (or the badlands go-kart park)
  • Visit and learn more about reptiles at Reptile World
  • Visit the Dinosaur Trail Golf and Country Club (the back nine is considered the most challenging in North America!)
  • Get high above it all.  Take a Mountain View helicopter tour.

There is no shortage of activities in Drumheller.  Most people do come to see the dinosaur fossils, or go digging for their own on an archeological dig!  It’s certainly something that everyone should at least see once in a lifetime, and who knows, maybe you’ll make your own find in Drumheller!