The Most Expensive Homes Ever Made

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

With the real estate market as it is, most of us think twice before buying a home. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with these home owners. Listed below are the 5 most expensive homes in the world.

Expensive homes

1 - The Antilla – India

Covering over 40,000 square feet, over 27 stories high, the Antilla is owned by Mukesh Ambani. The cost of such an extravagant home? Well, all we know is that the cost of this home exceeds $1 billion.

2 - Villa Leopolda – France

With 27 stories to house the 19 bedrooms, Villa Leopolda is the world’s second most expensive home ever. Built in the early 20th century by King Leopold II, this villa is now worth an astounding $750 million.

3 – Hariri's Mansion – London

Valued at over $480 million, this luxurious Mansion is more than meets the eye. Located in London, covering 60,000 Ft2, complete with a number of amenities and a dozen extra features such as bullet-proof windows, this home truly is the most expensive home ever sold in England.

4 – Fairfield Pond – New York

While some homes are expensive, others are outright ridiculously expensive. One such home is located in New York, known as Fairfield Pond, owned by none other than Ira Rennert. The name stems from the fact it adjoins Fairfield Pond.

With 39 bathrooms, 29 bedrooms, a private power plant, a huge dining room, 3 swimming pools, 2 squash courts, basketball court, bowling alley and a huge hot tub valued at over $100 million, this home has got it all. Best of all, according to recent data, it only costs $248 million.

5 – Kensington Palace Gardens – London

While it may not be as expensive as Hariri’s Mansion, the Kensington Palace Garden home of Lakshmi Mittal. Situated near Israel’s embassy, this home is worth is worth over $222 million.

Final Thoughts

While the average can never hope to own such lavish homes, at least over $200 million, we can at least take a look at them.