What is Pinterest and Why is it so Popular

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Picture BoardPinterest has exceeded expectations and emerged to become a leading social network. When it was first launched, many people questioned the potential of a website where you cannot do much except ‘pin’ images to a dashboard. That is exactly how the social network has been described; you share pictures and videos based on a certain topic or theme.

Yet the social network has defied the odds and become quite popular. More brands are using Pinterest and are attracting the traffic they were looking for through it. So, why is it so popular?




There is little doubt that Pinterest is perhaps the only social network that enables users to express their creativity. You can use the website as a platform to share your ideas with the world. This feature of the website appeals to the average person and compels them to use it.


As the famous saying goes, a picture speak a thousand words. Instead of writing out your thoughts, you can share them through images and works of art. This is a more effective mode of communication, particularly in a time when the web is overflowing with unnecessary noise.


Images touch people on an emotional level rather than on an intellectual one. This is where Pinterest is able to catch the attention of the people and convert them into active and regular users.


Say what you may, social media are addictive and Pinterest is no different than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in this regard. Give the website a go and you will find it hard to get off it. This is the addictive nature of social media websites at play.

These are some of the reasons why Pinterest has been steadily increasing in popularly over the past couple of years. This goes to show that success on social media is all about building a connection with your target audience. That is what Pinterest has done and done it well.