Safety Devices to Have in Your Home

Monday, March 24, 2014

In the past home owners were left largely to their own devices to protect their homes from damage and invasion. Modern technologists have since stepped in to simplify that task.

Smoke alarm

  • Every home should have at least one smoke detector on each level. One should be outside the bedrooms and another one outside the kitchen. These devices detect smoke and often sound an alarm in time for home owners to stop a fire in infancy.

  • A combination natural gas and carbon monoxide detector is equally important, as such gasses are often not definitively detectable through the senses until it is too late to act. It should be located in areas where gasses are stored and used.

  • A flood detector is useful. Sensors can be installed in the basement, the ceiling, the kitchen and in bathrooms where water pipes run. This is especially useful if home owners are not at home or asleep, since they can take action to minimise damage of which they would otherwise have been unaware.

  • A burglar alarm with several movement and vibration sensors in and around the house is essential. It can also include panic buttons for residents to summon police from different rooms in the house. This prevents burglars from entering the house, and it safeguards home owners' possessions while they are away.

  • Arc fault circuit interrupters are growing in popularity, especially in older homes. It is a special circuit breaker that recognises fire hazards and shuts off the power.

  • Tamper resistant receptacles are special electrical outlets with internal shutter mechanisms that prevent kids from inserting objects into them.

  • Residual current devices monitor the current along the electrical circuit and shut down the power if electricity is diverting to the ground rather than through the circuit. This can prevent the electrocution of many Canadians whose bodies provide the path for the electricity to divert. Install these devices around outdoor outlets and anywhere else where electrical points may get wet.

  • Anti-scald devices screw onto taps and turn them off when the water that runs through them is too hot.

Do not hesitate to use the latest technology to keep your family safe.