How to Look Good in a Minivan

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lady with MinivanGrocery getter.  Mom and dad mobile.  Soccer mom or dad.   Are these the thoughts that you think of when you think of a mini-van?   Although it is a widely popular family vehicle, the minivan has had a negative stigma for years.  Although it’s a dependable and family vehicle, some might feel that it is more of a family taxi cab.  Giving up your two seater convertible may seem like you are giving up your independence, freedom and an element of “coolness”.  However, now, you may be the one that drives the mini-van.  Yes, of course, it screams that you are past your partying days and have settled down to have a family.  So we need to just deal with that, and focus on how you are going to look good driving the family machine.

Let’s face it; it looks better than the station wagon from years ago.  Hopefully your new mini-van doesn’t have wood paneling, so you don’t look like Chevy Chase in national lampoon’s vacation, well, at least, don’t put Grandma up there!

The newer minivans have begun to come standard with some rather plush features.  The power sliding doors and power windows (even in the back) are great for those that are grocery shopping, having kids in tow or carrying an armful of sports equipment (let’s face it, those that own mini-vans can attest, this is what they spend the majority of their time doing).  The stow-and-go seating eliminates the need to call every friend with a pickup truck to help you haul things.  The leather interior and heated seats make driving in colder weather much more comfortable.  And the on-board entertainment is second to none.  Newer vans not only have DVD players with hard drives to store pictures and music built in, but they also have the ability to hook up your video game system.  The THX sound systems also give you theatre sound in your own vehicle.  With all the room and incredible features of the modern minivan, you won’t even need to pack a tent to go camping.  You can sleep right in the van and bring all your entertainment with you.  So there you have it!  The station wagon is not going to offer that to you!

Looking good in a minivan is easy now.  You just have to drive it.  Modern manufacturers have annihilated the old stereotypes of the minivan and replaced them with stylish, yet functional vehicles that are enjoyed by drivers of all ages.  The bells and whistles that come with minivans crush the old, “uncool” image with high safety standards and sleek new designs.  So if you want to look good in a mini-van, be confident with what you have and sport a “fancy” pair of sunglasses.  That usually does the trick!