Where to Find Canadian Olympic Memorabilia

Monday, January 27, 2014

Canada has a long proud history of Olympic participation, and the memorabilia it has produced can fill many sports stadiums. We can take a quick look at what you can expect and where you can buy it:

Canadian Olympic Memorabilia


  • The most popular and easily acquired memorabilia is related to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Hudson's Bay Company is the official partner of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), and provides the team and its fans with official Canadian Olympic apparel, clothing and footwear. This gear can be found at all Hudson's Bay stores, many sports and clothing stores and even some supermarkets. Since the COC is 90 per cent sponsored by its sponsors, Hudson's Bay gear supports the team directly.

  • The same holds for the products of the other COC sponsors. Nike created the official hockey jerseys and a large collection of other Team Canada clothes, and Adidas is responsible for the team's footwear and other clothes. These are available primarily at Sport Chek and some other sports and clothing stores.

  • If you cannot afford the official 2014 gear, you will have to dig through the internet for non-Hudson's Bay counterfeits, but be aware that the COC is currently opening several law suits against such manufacturers. So if you see something you like, be weary.

  • If you are looking for memorabilia from previous Olympic Games or of past athletes, the internet is the best place to search. There are several stores on EBay Canada that offers a wide variety of memorabilia from clothes to key chains and badges to just about any item signed by Olympic stars. Private sellers often make use of Craigslist to sell their collections. Hockey-memorabilia.ca is run by the credible Gameday Auction. Allstarsportscollectibles.ca sells piles of old Team Canada gear. ProCheck Sports has anything from the most official memorabilia to the cheapest reminders. Wherever you buy, take special steps to verify the authenticity of rare items.

  • If you cannot find those special items you would like to have, it might be because they have been donated to museums. The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary has the largest collection of Olympic and other sports memorabilia in Canada. Visit the facility and take pictures of your family beside some classic gold medals.