Shopping Deals

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whether one prefers online or offline shopping, there is one thing that all shoppers agree on: coupons and special deals are great! Here are some ideas for where to find them:

  •  Shopping DealsMany online shops offer coupons or discount codes on their own sites, especially if they are new and still trying to establish themselves. Special price offers are also common if you have shopped somewhere once and you haven’t returned. It is their way of trying to win back your business.

  • Many websites specialize in the publishing of coupon codes. In Canada, sites like, and publish huge collections of coupons and deals for both online and offline shops. For online coupons, you simply copy the code and visit the dealers in your browser. For offline shopping, you print out the coupons from these sites and present it at the shop when you visit.

  • You can subscribe and request coupons from companies like who send out coupons on behalf of national brands like Pampers, Tides and Heinz.

  • Shop & Save and Smart Source Magazine are two Canadian coupon fliers that are distributed monthly and that are packed with coupons for national brands.

  • Magazines are often printed with Clip ‘n Save booklets, which contain many specials for both online and offline shopping.

  • Manufacturers, online and offline shops often have mailing lists that you can subscribe to, some of which contain coupons. Contact manufacturers and shops from whom you regularly buy and ask to be added to their mailing lists.

  • Online forums of fellow discount shoppers are great for finding specials and coupons for both online and offline shopping. Forums like and have active communities that will alert you when they discover specials.