Automotive Guru Offers Advice on Biggest Lessons He's Learned From

Friday, February 21, 2014

Classroom BooksIt's often said that the best way to learn is through experience. And, for automotive guru Eric Lai, this is quite true.

Nevertheless, there are many scenarios in life that no one wants to go through, where simply by observing what others have gone through, serves as sufficient reason to avoid whatever it happens to be.

With this in mind, Lai recently put together the top things that he's learned from, advising Canadians to take something away from his mistakes so that they don't make errors of their own.

  • Don't rely on one mechanic's opinion. Though motorists may feel like the repair person they go to is professional and would never mislead them on how much a specific issue costs to have fixed, Lai said that it never hurts to get a second opinion. Before any major repair, including those that auto insurance covers after being involved in an accident, he recommended seeking out at least two experts to get their take.

  • Don't wait until last minute to have car serviced. Before a long road trip, a good rule of thumb is to take the car into a mechanic for a tune-up. While some may think any time will do to have this performed, so long as it's before the driving commences, Lai said there is such a thing as waiting too long. He then related an experience where scheduling a tune-up at the last-minute wound up costing them a lot of time and effort.

  • Consider location of dealer before buying a car. Individuals who are intent on purchasing a vehicle for as low a price as possible may be doing themselves a favor in the short-term, but it could wind up costing them if the vehicle turns out to be a lemon. Lai said that his father purchased a used vehicle for a reasonable price far from where he lived. However, because the car constantly had to be taken in to be serviced for repairs on numerous occasions, he wound up paying more than he bargained for in gas.

  • Sometimes paying more is worth it. In a similar vein, there's something to be said for getting what you pay for. Lai mentioned how in an attempt to save, a loved one of his had some friends perform a paint job on his car. They wound up making it look worse than it did originally. In short, going to a professional - though it may cost more - is often times the smartest way to address vehicle issues, whether mechanical or aesthetic in nature.

In a separate article that's related, Lai talked about the mistake that virtually everyone makes when they're out on the road at least once - preparing to turn left. In a video clip, Lai showed how when people are waiting to turn, they'll point their tires in that direction. This heightens the risk of an accident. Motorists can stay safe, though, by making one small adjustment.