Finding Free Online File Conversion Services

Friday, January 10, 2014

Free Online File ConversionThere are quite a few times when you need to convert video, audio or document files to a different format. You will find conversion software for the purpose, but they often are expensive. However, there is a cheaper alternative to this. You can convert the files using one of the many online conversion websites. These sites do not charge anything and do the job very well. Here are a few online conversion sites you can use:



Online Convert

Online convert has an excellent user interface. Everything that you possibly need to convert files is right in front of you. You can convert almost any type of file using this converter. Here are a few types of files you can work with at Online Convert:

  • Audio converter

  • Video converter

  • Image converter

  • Document converter

  • EBook converter

  • Archive Converter

  • Hash converter

Once you select the files you want to work with, you can upload it to the site. Once uploaded, the site will convert the file and make it available for download. The best thing about this converter is that you will find a variety of formats you can convert the file to.

Free File Convert

This converter is ideal for video conversion. You may convert online video into a desired format. The website supports quite a few online video portals for video conversion. A few supported portals are:


  • blip TV




If you like watching online videos and downloading them. This is the ideal online converter for you. You can even download the movies and save them to your smartphone for ease of viewing.

If you want to convert files to a different format, look towards these free online converters.