Winter Safety and Kids

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Safety and Kids

Winter can be an exciting time for kids when they can enjoy the different outdoor activities like sking and sledding. However, this fun season can turn seriously dangerous for kids if they are not cared for properly. Whether they are staying indoors or leaving the house, they need to be well-protected against the harsh weather so that they can stay safe.

Here are some tips for parents that can help them keep their kids safe:

Clothing is one of the most important things to be focused on during winter. You should dress your children in layers, keeping them warm but not so much that they start to sweat. Always make sure they wear a hat and keep the ears covered to avoid frostbite. Give up gloves and scarves in favour of mittens and neck warmers since they are more comfortable and neck warmers have proven safer than scarves. Shoes should protect from the cold and the wet to ensure children’s feet stay warm and dry.

When allowing the kids to go out, you need to be extra careful. Always make sure that the children are supervised when outside. While they are playing outside, ask them to take breaks after some time and come indoors so that they can get a bit warm. Make sure that a shelter area is always present near the place where the kids are playing, in case they need to get out of the harsh elements.

When your kids are out there enjoying winter activities, you need to make a few things clear to them. First, they should know that they are not allowed to play with snow blowers or heavy machinery as this can be dangerous for kids. While snow is dirty, metal objects can stick to lips or tongue and can cause serious injury.  Make sure that children understand the consequences of this.  

The most important thing to remember is supervision in the winter season. The extreme cold and  slippery surfaces combine to create quite a dangerous environment for kids. A little care of your little ones in winter can save them and you from a lot of trouble.

Once safety has been taken care of, children will be free to play and enjoy the winter season.