Benefits of a Home Security System

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Most contemporary homes have some kind of security system. It has become as normal as an oven or a furnace. It is as widespread precisely because it is so useful.

Here are some of the benefits of a home security system:

Benefits of home security

  • Research shows that homes unprotected by a security system are hundreds of times more likely to be burgled than homes that are. They serve as a great crime deterrent. This is usually why they are installed and valued the most.

  • Even where a security system fails to prevent a burglary, it usually ensures that the home owners suffer only small losses. The burglars typically enter, trigger the alarm, and run away without taking anything, or after quickly grabbing something small.


  • Owners of homes with security systems pay lower home insurance premiums than owners of homes without. This is a reward for being a smaller risk to the insurance company.

  • Should an intruder manage to break into a house, owners with good security systems can trigger the alarm themselves to summon emergency help. Even if there is no intruder but the owner suffers a medical emergency, an alarm and an armed response arrangement will get them the help they need in good time. This is useful especially for elderly and disabled persons who enjoy living independently.

  • More advanced security systems include smoke, carbon-dioxide and flood sensors and alarms which provides security from all these hazards. These will save you even more on your home insurance premiums, since they minimise the damage you suffer and for which your insurer has to pay.

  • Interestingly, good security systems can also serve as child minders. If you want to go out at night, and you want your teenagers to be back home by ten, assign each a security code to disable the alarm on entrance, and enjoy your evening knowing that your rules will be obeyed.

  • The most advanced systems even have sensors to turn off lights when no one is home, to record television or computer use, to lock doors and windows remotely from your smart phone, and so forth.

  • A good security system contributes to the value of the property. Moreover, since most prospective buyers put it on their list of must-haves, it makes it more likely that the house will sell quickly.