Unusual Safety Hazards Around the House

Monday, January 6, 2014

By now we all know about the safety risks of portable heaters, unprotected wall outlets and the like, but many Canadians injure themselves in more unusual ways around their homes. There are many dangers lurking around your home of which you should be aware. Here are a few:

Home safety hazards

  • Plug-in air fresheners and mosquito repellents are usually safe, but if one of your family members develops a problem with allergies or asthma, remove these first.

  • Many children get themselves into serious trouble with microwave ovens and dish washers. With all the pegs, drawers and sliding racks in dish washers, we should not be surprised, but should keep sharp objects pointed downward and keep the washer locked. Certain shiny materials catch fire in microwaves, which might be fascinating to your child, but can also cause a fire. It is advisable to discourage solo cooking experiments until your children are older.

  • Young children who start exploring different textures love standing water, but it takes only a little water for a child to drown. So empty basins, buckets and baths.

  • Many children are injured annually by falling televisions and even computers. If it has a cord and is not too heavy, children can pull them down onto themselves. Fasten such objects to shelves.

  • It is easy for children to pull fridge magnets off the fridge and swallow them. Magnets can cause serious internal injuries and children can choke on them.

  • Latex balloons pose a special danger because of the way the latex sticks to children's throats when swallowed. Buy other types of balloons and throw them away when they pop.

  • The handbags your friends bring into your house usually contain all the things which you so carefully lock up, like medications, hair and nail products, scissors, and so forth. Either lock these up for them, or ensure that they keep a close eye on them.

All seemingly benign items around our homes may not be as safe as we first think, so it is always advisable to think and to be cautious.