Christmas Cards and Calendars

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Online CardsChristmas is perhaps the most anticipated time of the year. It is a great time for getting closer to friends and family. One of the many attractions of this holiday season is selecting cards or calendars to give to your loved ones. Back in the day, you had to shop for cards, write them by hand and then post each one individually. Now, there are a quite a few websites that have made this task quite easy. You can simply select a card or calendar online, make the payment and it will be delivered. Here are a few websites you can use to send calendars and cards to your family and friends.

Snapfish by HP

If you want to send out calendars to your friends and family, a great way to do this is design one yourself. On the website, you will get to choose from various calendar designs. You can add pictures of your family to customize it. The calendars will be shipped to you and you can then send them out accordingly.

Pamit Cards

One of the easiest ways to send Christmas greeting cards is by logging onto Pamit Cards. On this website, you can design your own greeting cards. Once the card is complete, you will be directed to a checkout page. Here is where you can choose to send the card directly to your relatives. You may also have a box of chocolates delivered along with the card.

MES Calendars

MES Calendars is a great website where you can design your own calendars. You can add pictures of your family members or yourself. Once you are done with designing the calendar, you can print it. All you need to do then is to bind it and post to your relatives.

My Calendar Maker

My Calendar Maker is a great website to create custom calendars. You can include your own pictures or pictures of a special family get-together. The custom calendar will be mailed to you and then you can gift it to your family.


This is another great website to make your own cards. You can custom create your own Christmas cards and it will be mailed to you. These cards are a great way of adding your personalized touch to the standard Christmas greeting cards.

Using these websites you can easily create customized calendars and cards to send to your friends and family.