American Thanksgiving Traditions

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of the most awaited days of the year. It is a traditional family holiday which symbolizes being thankful. Although the theme of the holiday is the same throughout the United States and Canada, there are some differences. One of the most obvious differences is the date on which the holiday is observed. Another difference is the reason for giving thanks. Let’s look at some Thanksgiving traditions observed in the United States and how those traditions are different from Canada.

American Thanksgiving


Be it in the US or in Canada, the traditional food for Thanksgiving is turkey. Turkey is also served in a similar manner, with stuffing and beautiful gravy. However, the difference is generally in the way the turkey is prepared. The traditional way to serve turkey in the U.S. is to roast it with simple spices. The stuffing consists of mashed potatoes. In the US, the preparation of turkey is generally very simple. On the other hand, turkey in Canada is prepared with a lot of complexities. The stuffing, the gravy and the spices used in roasting the turkey are all quite different from the US.

Giving Thanks

One similarity in the American and Canadian Thanksgiving tradition is the spirit behind the holiday. In both countries, the holiday is celebrated to give thanks. However, the thanks are offered for different reasons in America and Canada. The reason for offering thanks is based upon the history of both countries. Thanksgiving is observed in America to thank God for His bounty. For Americans, Thanksgiving is also a way to be thankful for the generosity of the Native Americans. In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated to thank God for a good harvest. This is an age-old tradition which has now evolved into one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.

Another difference between the two is the date they are celebrated on. Since Canada has heavy snowfall, they celebrate Thanksgiving in October, while in the U.S. it is celebrated in November.