How to Decorate Your Computer for Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa on laptop

There are many ways in which you can make your computer look festive this Christmas season. Instead of draping holly or lights over it, which may frankly be quite dangerous, think in terms of wallpaper, icons, Wordpress themes and fonts.


  • Before you jump on the internet to download virtual decorations, first dig through your photo album or take some photographs of your decorated house. Include your children and pets. This will give you a desktop or mobile phone theme that is not only Christmassy, but also personal.

  • One idea is wallpaper. You can find free Christmas-themed wallpaper for your desktop or website on and If you are willing to support some talented designers, you can buy some at No operating system defaults can compete with these.

  • If you want to use Christmas icons on your desktop or your website, there are huge collections at and There is not one Christmas theme that is not covered here, including the food and drinks. The icons come in different sizes and for different purposes, such as to indicate shopping carts, comments, links and calendars on websites. 

  • If you have a Wordpress blog, like so many bloggers do, you can find lots of colourful Christmas Wordpress themes at You will be delighted by the snowman headers and footers, the bell and gift backgrounds, the Christmas tree and ornament graphics and the falling snow flake effects. 

  • For those who use Adobe Photoshop, features a large collection of free icons, brushes and clipart for your installation.

  • Design your own cards with lots of free Christmas fonts from


Now your computer is ready for Christmas.