The Best Websites for Finding Outdoor Winter Games for Kids

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Family


Kids love playing in the snow, but for those parents who are tired of snowball fights and even more tired of being nagged to take the kids to the nearest sledding slope, there are many other exciting outdoor games.





  • The people at Kidactivities have some nice ideas. One is a science lesson to teach kids what happens to water and rain when it freezes. Chill a bubble solution in the fridge, take it out in extreme cold and let the kids observe the bubbles as they form ice crystals and then shatter like glass. Another lesson is to make ice blocks by letting water freeze in milk containers and removing the cardboard once water is frozen. Kids can then use salt and food colouring to decorate the ice and watch over days what happens when it melts. They also propose making icicles and maple syrup snow candy, using edibles to decorate trees for animals, constructing a winter necklace with snow and edibles that can double as an animal feeder, and lots more.

  • Moneycrashers recommends Building a winter bonfire and making s’mores, teaching your kids photography while taking them for a walk, Shovelling paths in the snow and setting up an obstacle course in the yard.

  • The writers at Spoonful have lovely ideas to convert normal games into snowy ones. For example, there is a slip-sliding variation of tug-of-war, hide and seek with white flags, pitching contests with snowballs, and so forth.

  • At Greatkids.outdoors, they suggest building snow forts and other shelters, making snow animals, looking for animal tracks and local parks and building a collection of different evergreens by picking up branches and needles around town.

  • There are also some amazing videos on Youtube of families playing with their kids outside in the snow and demonstrating games and crafts.


Kids are much more manageable when they are entertained, and there is no reason why your kids should be bored indoors this winter.