The Potential Perils of Christmas Decorations

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Broken DecorationsIt is so much fun to decorate the house with the family and enjoy a festively decorated home during the Christmas holiday, but a surprisingly large number of people hurt themselves during this process.



  • Warm rooms dry out live Christmas trees, which may cause them to collapse or become dangerously flammable. Keep the base in water.
  • Artificial trees should be made of fire resistant material so they do not continue burning if they catch alight.
  • Trees should not be so big that family members cannot move them safely. The idea of being knocked out by a falling Christmas tree may seem funny in the abstract, but not if it really happens to your family.
  • Place the tree far from fireplaces and heaters and in areas with low traffic so it is not knocked over.
  • Candles are an obvious fire risk if they are placed near trees, near other flammable materials or in reach of children. It is also not wise to walk around with lit candles, so alter your Christmas play if this is required.
  • Most Christmas fires are caused by electricity problems. Use only lights with safety labels. One extension cord should not power more than three sets of lights, and cables should not be stapled to walls with nails or tacks. Electric lights should never be used on a metallic tree because it is a super conductor for electricity.
  • If you want to put lights outside the house, use only those marked for outdoor use, and connect them to a power supply with outdoor extension cables.
  • Many Christmas fires occur when home owners leave the lights on after going to bed or while leaving the house. Treat Christmas lighting as something you do for your own family's enjoyment, and not for the neighbours. 
  • Be careful not to step through the ceiling when you retrieve mothballed decorations from attics. In addition, when you put up decorations, use ladders or step stools, not chairs or boxes. Inebriated people cannot climb, so decorate before the party starts.

Do not allow yourself to become one of the statistics that hurt themselves with Christmas decorations.