Websites with Good Christmas Games

Friday, December 6, 2013

Online GamesIf you want to keep the kids out of your way while you produce the Christmas meal and decorate the house, there are some websites with Christmas games that will keep them occupied for hours.

1. has a large collection of free Christmas games. Your kids can help he elves build toys, help Santa prepare a Christmas meal or help Santa work out how to cross the globe. The site also allows kids to draw pictures on Christmas cards, which are then downloadable, and colour Christmas pictures. The advantage is that they can easily erase mistakes while drawing, which improves their drawing skills.

2. has a huge trove of free games where kids have to find Rudolph and Frosty who hide in a different place with every game, arrange transport for the Santas so they can deliver the presents on time and collect presents that the reindeer dropped all over the globe. 

3. If you are worried about leaving your kids with games for hours, there are many educational puzzle games too. has tons of these. The kids can build a cargo bridge within budget and building standards to move presents, use logic to turn the right circuits to light up a Christmas tree and work out how to free a chimney of obstacles for Santa to fit. 

4. ActivityVillage teaches kids the craft of making Christmas decorations. It includes colouring templates you can print for them to colour, simple paper-folding instructions for various Christmas shapes and instructions to make a felt Christmas tree and a plastic bag snowman. Crafts Kaboose and Amazing Moms have equally large collections of crafts.

5. Among other Christmas stories and games, allows kids to send virtual letters to Santa. This might be the one place on the internet where a lack of privacy is a good thing!

6. Many websites have ideas for offline Christmas party games. You can find great ones at and Christmas parties will never be the same again.

You cannot do the shopping, cook the meal, decorate the house and entertain your guests all alone. Use some online help and have even more fun than usual.