Travel Insurance

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It began as the perfect vacation.  Your flight went smoothly and your hotel suite was ready and waiting.  Your family is delighted with the destination and you have a full week of fun activities ahead.  One problem:  Tomorrow you are going to slip on a stairway and break your ankle.  Your provincial health insurance plan only covers treatment administered in your home province.  Aside from being partially incapacitated, you are about to spend all of your vacation funds on medical treatment.  The perfect vacation just became … imperfect.

It happens.  You plan a trip weeks, maybe months, in advance, and at the last moment – or during the trip itself – something happens to ruin your plans, your budget or both.  Travel insurance protects you from unforeseen circumstances by providing coverage for unexpected medical emergencies, flight cancellations, lost luggage, damage to your rental car, etc.  This insurance can save you thousands – or even tens of thousands – in out-of-pocket costs in the event of an emergency.

When you choose a policy with the right features, travel insurance can ease the logistical burdens, as well as the financial burdens, associated with travel emergencies.  Think about it: An injury might mean that you need emergency air transportation to a medical facility.  Or perhaps you are so ill that you must be flown home, leaving your family without a driver.  How will they get home?  How will your car be transported home?  Travel insurance can enable you to put emergency plans into place. Additionally, it can cover the hospital costs, doctor fees, and lab and diagnostic service fees that your provincial policy won’t cover when you’re outside of your province’s boundaries.

Talk with a licensed insurance representative about the various coverages and features offered by different policies to ensure that you will be covered in virtually any emergency.  Here are some of the potential expenses you may want to consider including in your policy:

  •     Emergency medical treatment
  •     Pre-existing medical condition treatment
  •     Emergency air transportation
  •     Return of travelling companion if you are transported home
  •     Return of vehicle in a medical emergency
  •     Lost luggage
  •     Flight cancellation
  •     Hotel cancellation
  •     Damage to rental vehicle   

No one expects to get sick or injured on vacations or during extended travel periods, but accidents and illness can strike anytime and anywhere.  In fact, you might be even more likely to fall ill when you are in an unfamiliar country or region.  Travel insurance offers many travellers peace of mind to enjoy their vacation or other trip without worry.